Catching up on books

Body of Lies by Iris Johansen

I really enjoy this particular series.  Eve Duncan recreates faces from skulls, and ends up in some scary situations.  She is driven by the loss of her daughter, whose body has not been recovered.  Her marriage to Joe is shaken in this book, and a character who floats among series, Sean Galen, is caught in the middle. 

Gone by Michael Grant

The first in a young adult series, the plot revisits one of my childhood favorites The Girl Who Owned a City, and mixes it with Lord of the Flies and Maximum Ride.  Children 14 and younger are the only ones left in Perdido Beach, and some have developed unusual powers.  It’s not as well-crafted as the above-named books, but I’ll still be looking for the next in the series.

The Zero Game by Brad Meltzer

This is a book involving many of my favorite elements:  politics, murder mystery, running from the bad guys, and conspiracy.  It’s not as good as David Baldacci’s books, but the plot twists in the last chapters were excellent. 

Murphy’s Boy by Torey Ll. Hayden

This author writes accounts of her work with severely emotionally-disabled kids from 20-30 years ago.  I love her voice in her writing and her dedication to working with these kids.  Most of all, I like how her books are about how teaching affects her life, but is not all of her life.


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