2 Jodi Picoult books

Picture Perfect:  An interesting take on domestic violence.  She added some mystery, some romance, and even though one of the main characters is a Hollywood heavy hitter, a pretty accurate portrayal of domestic violence.  Of course, not all victims can take off to a Sioux reservation and escape so easily.  Will wasn’t developed well enough to take the role that he did in the story.  I liked this book, however, better than the other I finished of her’s, though.

Handle With Care:  A story of a little girl with Brittle Bones Disease and her family, it is told by alternating view points of the main characters as if they were talking to the girl.  I hate sad endings, especially surprise ones.  That’s probably even too much of a spoiler right there.  The catch in this book, which is what she’s done in My Sister’s Keeper, is when the mother wants to sue her best friend for Wrongful Birth, the father opts out and turns for the defense, and the older sister is caught in the war between the parents, the war of the best friend and her family, the fallout from having a disabled sibling, and just growing up.  I finished the book, but there’s enough depression in life without having to read it, too.


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