Finished: Deception by Jonathan Kellerman

I’ve been reading Kellerman for years, and I love getting his latest when it’s released.  They’re good ol’ murder mysteries.  Alex Delaware is retired at about 40 years old from child psychiatry.  He’s buddies with a homosexual, but otherwise, stereotypical rough-and-tough homicide detective.  Alex gets pulled in to “consult” on Milo’s cases.  I once listened to one on audiotape  on a trip and it was horrible.  The “quick read” dialogue is just terrible when read aloud.  In this book, Kellerman’s lost a lot of what makes his Alex Delaware books fun…the subplots.  This one is murder-mystery and that’s IT until the very last chapter.  No struggles with his relationship, side issues with the characters, no on-the-side therapy, no conflicts with Milo.  It’s almost like reading a third person narrative of Milo’s murder case.  It still had enough twists to keep me reading, though–maybe because the main characters are so comfortable now.  If you’re needing a good murder-mystery, I’d recommend starting with one of his earlier books, though…The Web, Devil’s Waltz, Dr. Death.


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