Just how is NCLB changing?

Imagine that your child is measured yearly in height and weight.  Unless your child has surpassed the height and weight measure considered the norm, he is not allowed to advance on sports teams, etc.  So if your child is genetically shorter than average, or lighter than average, they play with much younger children.  But that’s where the law is now.  It’s not right, it’s not fair to kids.  So now President Obama is changing the law to growth.  That would be comforting if I knew more about these new expectations.  Will teachers still be punished for Jill’s failure to grow in math or reading when the parents keep her out of school for 20 days out of the year, or when her IQ/aptitude/motivation does not indicate growth, or when she exhibits signs of undiagnosed attention deficit disorder or learning disabilities?  Just because the language is changing doesn’t necessarily mean the expectations will change.  I try hard, I work hard, but I cannot control all aspects of a student’s life.


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